clap (n.)

  1. a sudden very loud noise

    [ Syn: bang , eruption , blast , bam ]

  2. a common venereal disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae; symptoms are painful urination and pain around the urethra

    [ Syn: gonorrhea , gonorrhoea ]

  3. a sharp abrupt noise as if two objects hit together; may be repeated

    [ Syn: clack ]

    clap (v.)

  1. put quickly or forcibly; The judge clapped him in jail'

  2. cause to strike the air in flight; The big bird clapped its wings'

  3. clap ones hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

    [ Syn: applaud , spat , acclaim ]

  4. clap ones hands together; The children were clapping to the music

    [ Syn: spat ]

  5. strike the air in flight; the wings of the birds clapped loudly'

  6. strike with the flat of the hand; usually in a friendly way, as in encouragement or greeting

  7. strike together so as to produce a sharp percussive noise; clap two boards together'

The dictionary is based on the WordNet Electronic Lexical Database.
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