absorb (v.)

  1. become imbued; The liquids, light, and gases absorb'

  2. take up mentally; he absorbed the knowledge or beliefs of his tribe

    [ Syn: assimilate , ingest , take in ]

  3. take up, as of debts or payments; absorb the costs for something

    [ Syn: take over ]

  4. take in, also metaphorically; The sponge absorbs water well; She drew strength from the ministers words

    [ Syn: suck , imbibe , soak up , sop up , suck up , draw , take in , take up ]

  5. cause to become one with; The sales tax is absorbed into the state income tax'

  6. suck or take up or in; A black star absorbs all matter

    [ Syn: take in ]

  7. devote (oneself) fully to; He immersed himself into his studies

    [ Syn: steep , immerse , engulf , plunge , engross , soak up ]

  8. assimilate or take in; The immigrants were quickly absorbed into society'

  9. consume all of ones attention or time; Her interest in butterflies absorbs her completely

    [ Syn: engross , engage , occupy ]

The dictionary is based on the WordNet Electronic Lexical Database.
WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2011 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.